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Death of Hierarchies

"Traditional corporate hierarchies will not be nimble enough to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation driven by the technological advancements of the 4th industrial revolution (the integration of physical, digital & biological)." 

Mark Jacobsen CEO | FutureWorxs





An Old Model Created for the

1st Industrial Revolution

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A New Model For Collaboration

 In the New Knowledge-Economy 

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New Matrix-Based


 "The brain science of collaboration helps transform siloed hierarchical businesses into dynamic matrixed-based organizations that are driven by a culture of innovation."

Jill Ginsberg | COO FutureWorxs

We utilize the brain science of collaboration to help organizations function like movie studios with highly diverse cross-functional project teams that are interconnected, leading to a culture of innovation, higher engagement, better attraction, and retention of talent and superior business outcomes




"In the future, the behavioral sciences, even the cognitive neurosciences, will play a prominent, dominant role in determining how we structure our organizations, manage our day-to-day activities, and how we relate to colleagues."

Dr. John Medina | Senior Brain Science Consultant FutureWorxs

Role of Neurosciences



In Times of Turbulence

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic.” 

Peter Drucker

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Dr. John Medina

Senior Brain Science Consultant

Dr. John Medina is a developmental molecular biologist (Neuroscientist) with a lifelong fascination with how the mind reacts to and organizes information. As the father of two grown children, one already in the workforce, Medina has an interest in how the brain sciences might influence the workplace of the future. In addition to his research, consulting, and teaching, he speaks often to public officials, business and medical professionals, school boards, military audiences, and nonprofit leaders.

Mark Jacobsen


Mark Jacobsen is a visionary futurist that helps organizational leaders prepare for the Future of Work. He is a work culture, business, and brand strategist with extensive experience translating behavioral science insights into innovative business solutions. He is a visionary leader who helps companies identify their corporate purpose and craft compelling visions, enabling them to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

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Jill Ginsberg


Jill is a program innovator, business strategist with an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For nearly 15 years she has combined her expertise in these areas to help organizations and leaders create groundbreaking products, innovations, and processes that leverage the full capacity of their human and business potential. 

Lori Walker

Senior Workplace Strategist

Lori Walker is a workplace strategist, designer, and change leader. As a principal for 15 years at NBBJ, Lori led the Corporate Workplace Design practice. Her leadership of the practice during her tenure focused on how the physical environment shapes behavior and culture and how architects and designers can better align their design processes to leverage space in support of organizational strategy, people, and culture. 

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Chris Stevens

Senior Workplace Technologist

Chris Stevens is an Experience Architect and Technologist who has vast experience in leading cross-disciplined teams of designers, developers, and strategic consultants to create innovative products and solutions. His role includes concepting, experience design, technical architecture, and development of interactive media, mobile apps web sites, and applications for a wide range of clients and projects. 


Significant work includes the creation of the Sound lab installation for Seattle's MoPOP Museum, the lobby video wall experience for the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, development of the Serra mixed-reality medical imaging system for Stanford, and creation of the ETHoS machine learning and AI platform.

Mark Wolf

Senior Workplace Architect

Mark Wolf is an innovative architect and a divergent workplace furniture designer. For more than 25 years, Mark has been creating innovative physical environments in the retail, restaurant, entertainment, and workplace industries. 

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